About Us

Before opening her traveling boutique at major horse shows around the country, Boutiques in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Southampton, New York and now her online store, Lisa Skiffington comes from an equestrian background, namely hunters/jumpers and race horses. She has competed in the hunter/jumper world since the age of eight and supported her daughter Alexandra Skiffington in the same sport for the past twenty years. During the 80's and 90's Lisa was involved in the world of horse racing at the highest level. Alexandra's father was a top race horse trainer. They traveled extensively buying and racing horses in locations such as Deauville & Chantilly France, Great Britain, Ireland and Japan. She was able to see first hand the most fashionably dressed ladies in the world of racing, both casually attired and dressed from the best couture houses of the world. 

Lisa's passion has always been in design, since her high school years designing and actually constructing her own wardrobe to college days in Boston, MA studying architecture and jewelry design.  Known for her incredible unique personal style she has become a friend and personal stylist for many of her clients who reside throughout the United States.  

Lisa is now joined by her husband Randy Cole with plans of soon adding mens accessories and clothing to their boutiques. 

Our main goal is to find the newest young designers from around the world, with new takes on fashion. We try to keep all of our age groups in mind when searching for new fashion and make sure that we can outfit our clients for many occasions. We always have those few specialty items at hand that you will not find anywhere else.  We are here to create the most exquisite shopping experience.